Sears Holdings

The mall staple has already closed hundreds of stores over the last year.
Investors are clearly disappointed in Kmart. On Thursday, parent Sears Holdings forecast losses for the quarter and said
The department store went on the defensive on Saturday after a story on showed photos of a Sears store with displays in shambles, dirty clothes, misplaced items and empty shelves. Brian Sozzi joins HuffPost Live to discuss the photos.
"[The response from Sears is] perplexing and very disheartening, but it's also very telling," said Sozzi in an interview
While products for other companies, such as Sears Holdings Corp, were also being made at Tazreen, the biggest spotlight has
Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, said one of its suppliers - now known to be Success Apparel, a company based in New
On the island, Lampert, 49, will rub golf clubs with VIPs like former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula and singer Julio Iglesias