Season 8

An October 2018 interview with the actor who plays Tyrion Lannister foreshadows Season 8's dark developments, some fans think.
Disgruntled viewers are signing the petition in droves. But it's causing a big divide among "Thrones" fans.
The actress and husband Dax Shepard truly outdid themselves for a Season 8 premiere party.
The Arya Stark actress also explained why the show's eighth and final season "was quite big for me."
The saga of CIA agent Carrie Mathison will conclude next year, Showtime's president and CEO says.
Sarah has been known to juggle her career while waiting tables at a popular Nashville venue / eatery, The Family Wash while road managing other artists, acting as a personal assistant, styling video shoots for me and throwing pottery in her spare time. Didn't I tell you she was awesome?
I can't even comment on the Santa Claus thing, I don't think my brain has the capacity to foresee how Moffat will make explain
With all the shade I've thrown at Steven Moffat during his reign as the Doctor Who show runner, one thing I can't hate on
Unlike the companions of the past, Clara doesn't just play second fiddle to The Doctor -- she doesn't just gush over his
I found it interesting that we saw Clara's face on Missy's iPad from nearly the same angle that we saw The Doctor looking
The strongest part of 'Mummy On The Orient Express' is that it makes The Doctor a center of the narrative again. For the
Personally, I fall somewhere in between those two notions. I respect Capaldi's portrayal of The Doctor. The Time Lord's internal
All in all this Doctor is shaping up to be an extremely flawed hero, we'll have to wait and see how his bond with his companion