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"You're up there with the Kelly Clarksons of the world," judge Luke Bryan said on the season premiere of the singing competition.
The eldest Kardashian refused to move her schedule for a photo shoot, sparking a major rift with Kim and Khloé.
I love The Mindy Project -- the characters, the writing, the performances. I love this show so much, in fact, that my friends have started calling me Bindy (AKA "Boy Mindy").
Were the writers fearful that fans like myself might view Benson as "weak" if she were sexually violated? Doesn't this go against everything Olivia Benson stands for: changing the way women and men see victims of rape?
Catch the premiere of the "Golden Sisters" on Saturday, June 1, at 10 p.m. ET on OWN. But sisters are sisters, and they bicker
Season 3 of The Walking Dead is only days away from premiering on AMC Sunday the 14th. I recently sat down with Executive Producer/Showrunner Glen Mazzara to discuss what fans can expect from one of the best shows on television.
It was a healthy blend of the funny with more serious character moments in the premiere. See how Leslie and Ron find their
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When Graham was trying to defend one contestant, Beatrice, after her designs didn't quite work, she was cut short by Heidi
The twist on this was that the coach of the winning team would pick the first HOH while the coach of the losing team had
Specifically, they were hunting the one known as Batutut, a.k.a., the Vietnamese Bigfoot. However, in the end Gates couldn't
It's definitely not going to be a quick fix to get Neal back in good graces, which should make for an exciting season. The
While he was able to make progress in the cleaning of his apartment, it was done under the fear that his friends would leave
C.K. talked to HuffPost TV about the new season, promising longer stories and a more cinematic feel. Find out what he means
At the same time, though, he fixated on Nebraska native Laura. She was kind to him, and even a bit flirtatious, but her eyes
As Harvey reeled from the revelation, she went on: "He might have checked out clean, but I know that kid's full of sh*t. Because
There is some good news, though. While Anson managed to once again squirrel away into the night, at least this time Pearce
To which the therapist replied, "You know what? If you really wanted to go, you would’ve been gone." Season 4 of "Teen Mom
With Tia Mowry having left "The Game" at the end of its most recent season, at least fans can enjoy her real-life antics