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The hosts of our “Here to Make Friends” podcast hand out superlatives from the Season 24 premiere.
"You're up there with the Kelly Clarksons of the world," judge Luke Bryan said on the season premiere of the singing competition.
The eldest Kardashian refused to move her schedule for a photo shoot, sparking a major rift with Kim and Khloé.
I love The Mindy Project -- the characters, the writing, the performances. I love this show so much, in fact, that my friends have started calling me Bindy (AKA "Boy Mindy").
Were the writers fearful that fans like myself might view Benson as "weak" if she were sexually violated? Doesn't this go against everything Olivia Benson stands for: changing the way women and men see victims of rape?
Season 3 of The Walking Dead is only days away from premiering on AMC Sunday the 14th. I recently sat down with Executive Producer/Showrunner Glen Mazzara to discuss what fans can expect from one of the best shows on television.
What are your favorite set-and-filmed-beyond-L.A. shows?