I’m no longer worried or stressed out about turning a year older.
Well-known for its adventure activities and snow sports Queenstown is often overlooked in other seasons but has a lot to offer all-year round.
Each year seems to move faster than the last for adults, and the fault partially lies with retail. It's context. Within a two-week period, we jump from a summer state-of-mind to fall because Big Retail decides it's time to sell Halloween stuff right after 4th of July.
Take a look at these six essentials for a foolproof transitional wardrobe that embraces that awkward stage between the worst
Who says we have to conform to another person's idea of what is socially acceptable? We can't all be fashion icons, and we shouldn't lose our identity whenever a new style hits the market (or the runway, if you're that rich).
The talks acted as therapy sessions as his problems seemed now to slowly fade away and reduce their importance. He could
Sometimes we are forced to open our eyes and realize the beauty that surrounds us no matter the season. The seasons are changing. I can't stop that. I can, however, embrace the unique goodness this very season offers. After all, this moment is all any of us are guaranteed. What's the use in ignoring its unique, unbridled, and nondiscriminatory beauty?
"The Beautiful Changes" by Richard Wilbur REMEMBRANCES "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost "For the Chipmunk in My Yard
Even for people who don't have kids, the "back to school" mindset can awaken anxieties of long ago about returning to school. The change in temperature and light also play a role. Days are undeniably getting cooler and shorter and for those sensitive to light, this can contribute to the end of summer blues. The good news is that there is a remedy:
Humans perceive color differently in summer compared with winter, scientists say.