Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Ultimately, this novel's strength resides in its depictions of characters whose ethics and motivations occupy a liminal, grey space between good and bad, moral and immoral.
Agriculture funding should focus on the many low-tech, African-led innovations that are already helping to alleviate hunger and poverty in environmentally sustainable ways all over the continent.
When journalists see their profession crumbling before them, left without jobs and stripped of what they love to do, it is surely disheartening and deflating -- a feeling of helplessness.
For us career newspaper people, it won't be the same world without E&P. But then again, it hasn't been for years. It's a different media world today, and E&P's shuttering merely confirms it -- in boldface.
It is now much easier and cheaper to publish a book than ever before.
The Internet has been a destructive force for many business models, but none threatens the basis of the republic as much as the digital knife busily sawing at the fraying Achilles tendon of American newspapers.