Seattle Seahawks

The singer, wearing a face mask, treated the newborn to a rendition of "Happy Birthday" in a video shared online.
The comedian pretended to be a new player and pulled up his jersey to show off his physique.
The Seattle Seahawks quarterback took heat for his first 'do, but coiffed his way to Oscars night.
The Seattle quarterback had other concerns after his team eliminated Philadelphia in an NFL wild-card game.
The 49ers rookie had the most impressive play of the game.
Seattle needed "Beast Mode" after three running backs got injured. His coach hopes he has "four or five games left in him."
The Seattle Seahawks quarterback took his new riches lying down in a video that Twitter is blitzing.
The quarterback and the singer live it up at the beach with the kids.
Authorities say Jay Dee Harp made multiple vulgar comments, grabbed one of the victim's breasts and then punched her spouse.
Allen gives regularly to both parties, but until recently his donations had swayed towards Democrats.