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Kasatka was born in the wild, and had numerous descendants at SeaWorld.
Kyara, who was 3 months old, was the last orca born from the park's now-discontinued breeding program.
On December 9, Jackass star and daredevil Steve-O will voluntarily begin his 30-day sentence in a Los Angeles county jail. After his release, he'll then begin a three-year probation and be temporarily banned from Hollywood. And it's all because of a whale.
The company has faced criticism over its treatment of the animals.
In a new video, Kasatka appears to behave "abnormally" towards her baby.
You know that out-of-sync feeling you have for those first few days after Daylight Savings Time? Where your internal body clock is telling you that it's one time while the light levels outside are telling you that it's an entirely different time? Well, then imagine how tough it must be to be an Antarctic penguin on display in Orlando.
Nakai is healing well, with new tissue already growing where he was injured, SeaWorld said. "We are encouraging the public
Given the ghastly details of Dawn Brancheau's final 45 minutes being beaten to death by Tilikum, on top of the 100-plus other incidents, SeaWorld is likely to go under if it doesn't change the kinds of shows it puts on.
SeaWorld San Diego, which temporarily closed its Shamu whale attraction on Wednesday after the death of a whale trainer on
True Blood co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer took a break from their steamy on-and-off screen romance to cool off with