seaworld whales

“This is one of many examples of what is wrong with captivity."
The decision by SeaWorld to end its captive breeding program is worthy of celebration. But before everyone rushes to explain how we got here, I feel compelled to remind us all to celebrate all the many great organizations and actions that have led us to this remarkable day.
SeaWorld claims the ban would effectively end its popular killer whale shows.
The past few years have seen a stream of former SeaWorld employees speak out about their time at the company. Now another
The world now knows wild animals should stay in the wild.
Just a few weeks after a lawsuit was filed against Seaworld in California, the company is now facing a similar suit in Florida.
Nakai is healing well, with new tissue already growing where he was injured, SeaWorld said. "We are encouraging the public
"Are the emotions inspired by the grandeur of humans interacting with killer whales worth the dangers created by the interactions
On February 8, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller dropped his gavel and declared whales are not entitled to constitutional protection against slavery. This ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed last October by five orcas currently being "held in slavery and involuntary servitude" at SeaWorld.