Sebastien de la Cruz

When she teamed up with ESPN Films to executive produce Versus, a new shorts series, Longoria longed to tell this boy's story. The result is Go, Sebastien, Go.
It's been a good 12 months for Latinos. From firsts like Richard Blanco reading his poem at Obama's Inauguration to Julian
The racist attacks on a young Mexican-American prodigy who sang the National Anthem didn't occur in a vacuum.
Check out the video of HuffPost Voces’ interview with Sebastien and let us know what you think in the comments below. Despite
Sebastien canto el himno nacional en el juego entre Miami Heat y San Antonio Spurs vestido de charro y desperto la polemica y los comentarios raciales.
Eleven-year-old singer Sebastien de la Cruz who brushed off a deluge of racist venom on Twitter earlier this week returned
11-year old singer, Sebastien De La Cruz, responds to his critics.
Unfortunately, the moment was accompanied by an outpouring of ignorance on social media that reminded us once again how many