second child

[Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan welcomed their first child last year. Hannah faces speculation about being pregnant with her
And before you tell me that I might change my mind and that hey, you never know, let me stop you right there. It ain't happening
I wish someone had told me having a second child was completely different than having my first. Sure, I was told this, but it was mostly about the physical challenges of juggling more than one child.
"Why on earth do people have more babies?!?"
It wasn't all that long ago that we brought home my 2-year-old son, yet it's been enough time for amnesia to set in.
Because it was easy to love a second child, I found it easier to adjust to the other things as well. I released Iris into
The love I have for my baby is the greatest love I’ve ever known.
During my first pregnancy, I finished my final two semesters of college, wrote a 35-page thesis, worked, and moved into a new house. With this pregnancy so far, I feel lucky if I do the dishes and hit a work deadline on time. There are countless ways this pregnancy has been different, but these are the top five so far.
Like many women, I have always wanted multiple children.
When I worry about parenting, life, and a million other little things, I see how in-love my oldest is with her little sister and I know that for the rest of their lives they will both know an amazing sense of love, safety and connection -- and that calms me down.