second city

Second City in Toronto unveiled a new training centre dedicated to the late comedian and his lasting legacy was remembered for the comedy legend that he was
"There's no question, we miss our son. But I'm not concerned for his well-being. He's improvising."
So, who will fill out the former First Lady's advisory board if she's elected? We could make some educated guesses, but here are some fun suggestions we might personally email to HRod...
Twenty years after "Rent" premiered, the world is much different. Nowadays, there's no way kids can imagine living in whimsical squalor like Mark, Roger, Mimi, Angel, Collins and Maureen.
This annual event invites parents to bring their rugrats along to the workplace, ostensibly to provide a sneak peek at the Sisyphean, soul-crushing slog of adulthood.
Prince Rogers Nelson was a beacon of light that showed me the importance of being me. That light will be missed at the end of the day, but if we can learn one thing, I hope that lesson is that it's okay to be who and what you are at all times.
Since women generally earn 79 cents to every dollar men do, it only makes sense to have tax deductions specifically for us.
I can't tell you how many times my bathroom visits (aka, the highlight of my day) have been ruined by a transgender person. If I see an individual courageously identifying as a gender other than the one they were born with, it makes my shy bladder seem all the more pathetic by comparison.
Bowie's golden years aren't over yet. Living by his example will perpetually be in fashion. No matter if you're a graphic designer, a copywriter or Vanilla Ice, you can succeed by doing what David Bowie did.