second coming

"Second Coming," a series about Jesus' return to Earth, offers cultural commentary on modern-day Christianity. But some Christians called it blasphemous.
The Rev. Bartholomew Orr's feat at Brown Missionary Baptist Church was supposed to show the unexpected nature of Christ's prophesied second coming.
South Carolina is the Pet Sematary of disgraced politicians: They come back to life and act weirder than ever.
Sure, Christians would love their Messiah to come back soon. But things here on Earth keep indicating that won't be happening anytime soon.
Many Jerusalem residents believe not only that the Messiah will return, but that his arrival is imminent – so imminent they
Most things aren't really the end of the world, but one-third of Americans who were surveyed believe that the Syria conflict
The rest of Isaiah 17 elaborates upon the coming destruction, which some interpret as Armageddon, heralding the return of
Jesus is returning to earth shortly, a news-flash had proclaimed one day. I'm a bit worried he might decide to get crucified all over again, once he finds out all that's happened since he left. He'll want to wash away our sins all over again.
I want to be the kind of person who awaits the end of the world like a little kid waits for Santa Claus. If you have that kind of hope, then the only thing funny about the apocalypse is the idea that anyone could predict when it might happen.
A solution exists--restore governmental, economic, and religious morality, be steadfast and patiently persevere. Perhaps nothing short of Divine intervention and sincere repentance can inspire such change.