second debate

Donald Trump is the biggest bullshit artist our nation has produced in the past few decades. But his con game is full of holes.
Jackie and Dunlap weigh in on that plus throwing Hillary in jail, the Access Hollywood "grab 'em by the" open mic, Bill Clinton rape survivors, locker room talk, worse Trump tapes to come, Republicans jumping ship, Bernie Sanders, and is Mike Pence even still running with Trump?
The GOP nominee is wounded and limping into Sunday’s debate. In this historically red area, some Republicans are concerned.
W. Kamau Bell may not necessarily be the most objective critic of President Obama (he does host a show called "Totally Biased
One of the most telling questions in the second debate focused on the gender pay gap: asking in what ways the candidates would "rectify the inequalities in the workplace. The Romney answer was an embarrassment and the president could have said more.
Just as you can't look to the government for a job, people in our generation increasingly cannot look to it for our retirements. You might have heard it mentioned just a few times last night that the government has to borrow huge amounts of money every year to pay its bills.
In a startling announcement, President Barack Obama has officially dropped Joe Biden from the Democratic ticket and chosen CNN newsperson Candy Crowley as his vice presidential running mate.
As soon as the debate finished I flipped to my favorite news source and all of their pundits agreed that my guy really knocked it out of the park, and that's when I was sure it wasn't just my slight personal bias that made me feel like he won.
This was the debate that finally exposed Mitt Romney as an empty suit running a campaign that is disingenuous at its core. The president exposed to millions of Americans just how hollow Romney's claims are.
bama just flat-out failed to engage in the debate the first time around, but this time he came to play. And won decisively. Whenever we engage, we win.