second language

The curriculum teaches 10 to 15 short phrases and vocabulary words each session.
Around 200 million children in the 0-10 age group in India are being deprived of a children's reading experience. The market
Unfortunately, this doesn't keep them from asking you more questions. Lots more questions. The milk options alone are terrifying
TripIt, a popular app designed to help you organize your travels, just did a quality job of producing a series of four-minute
Speaking more than one language has some advantages beyond ordering food in the local tongue -- psychologists believe that
Earlier this year, the first mind-to-mind communication took place. Hooked up to brain wave headsets, a researcher in India projected a thought to a colleague in France, and they understood each other. Telepathy went from the pages of science fiction to reality.
Our expectations about learning languages are, quite frankly, odd, and ads like "Learn French (or Spanish, or Galician) in 10 Days" pander to them. While these ads might help sell language-learning programs, they reinforce false expectations.
In fact, virtually any career, public or private, is given a boost with knowledge of a foreign language. But why French?
How can you hear about or even care about a global economy when your world exists in a five-block radius?
Mounting evidence suggests that learning a second language can be the key to a student's success, supporting everything form