secondary drowning

"Drowning can happen anywhere, and any place, and to anyone."
Did you know that drowning can occur even when a person is out of the water? Pediatric emergency medicine expert Dr. Katherine Leaming-Van Zandt breaks down the processes known as secondary drowning and lets us know what signs we should look out for.
I'm a trained water safety instructor and lifeguard. I've been a mom for nearly a decade and I would never call myself neglectful. This shouldn't have happened.
My almost six-year-old came over to me shivering, blue-lipped again. I wrapped her in her towel and she started to panic. "Mommy, I feel like I can't breathe good." "Why? What happened. Just because your cold?" I kept my cool, sure it was just because she was cold and tired.
2. It's important to be watchful for hours. Dry drowning usually happens within minutes after a child has struggled in the
I am forever changed since this happened. I will not let this define me, but you can guarantee that I will be doing things much differently from here on out.