A U.N. panel accused China of housing ethnic Uighurs in "a massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy."
Although Eisen and Graham both worry about the Trump administration's secrecy, they also see ways that the new president
Whether or not President Obama has exercised his absolute power to kill anyone on the planet responsibly--and we have little
In the ninety odd days before the election, a huge data dump of American secrets would strongly and negatively influence the election.
The third U.S. Open Government National Action Plan includes incomplete items from previous plans.
Barack Obama was, in 2008, the anti-torture candidate. It's a sad comment on the state of U.S. democracy that such a thing ever existed. After all, it would be startling to hear appeals from a pro-oxygen or an anti-apocalypse candidate. Still, it was refreshing. So what happened?
Anything that affects us so profoundly must be made public and allowed time for debate and changes. I fear for our democracy. I fear for our economy. It's clear that the only people who will benefit from this rotten agreement are huge corporations and those they pay to vote their way.
With its omnipresent surveillance, the U.S. government began aggressively targeting and prosecuting whistleblowers and other sources, putting renowned journalists and publishers worldwide directly or incidentally in their surveillance crosshairs.
Rather than exercising critical legislative oversight of the intelligence community's most controversial activities from paramilitary drone strikes to N.S.A. bulk collection of phone records -- Mr. Burr all too often is a cheerleader for whatever is going down.