Secretary of State John Kerry

[10] United States Census Bureau, "Trade in Goods with Djibouti," accessed 3/27/2016. USAID, "Food Assistance Fact Sheet
American foreign policymakers have known all along that ousting President Bashar al-Assad will not magically end the civil, ethnic, and sectarian wars that are now raging in what's left of Syria. But that fact hasn't stopped them from trying.
It's not often that a dictator takes out an advertisement in The New York Times. But there it was on Sunday, full-page spread touting President Joseph Kabila's supposed record of championing democracy and reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
My own minor, rather frivolous, contribution to the creation of the new diplomatic jargon -- pubic diplomacy -- did not appeal to the wordmasters of the universe. But it does occasionally appears as a typo in some U.S. Embassy internal memoranda.
As the worldwide landscape continues to evolve, we are truly a global community. What may appear to be a distant concern has the power to impact Americans right here on our home soil.
The government expects to admit up to 85,000 refugees next fiscal year.
THE BIGGEST HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN RECENT TIMES It is one of the largest refugee exoduses in recent history according to
The secretary of state defends the administration's decision to allow Arctic drilling.
HuffPost Politics' Sam Stein talks with Secretary of State John Kerry about the ongoing refugee crisis.
It is not helpful to our foreign policy for two lone California lawmakers to issue an unrealistic statement in the final weeks of a high-stakes debate urging Congress to reject an international agreement.
Two surveys have just come out on the Iran nuclear deal that showed very different results. The one that simply asked for their initial reaction found plurality opposition, while the one that explained what the deal was about found solid majority support.
This week's Financing for Development (FfD) Conference - a major gathering to advance the post-2015 development agenda - will be critical in deciding how the world's governments and private sector and civil society partners will contribute to international development in the future.
VIENNA, July 14 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he does not expect the U.S. Congress to definitively
Armitage reserved judgment on the nuclear deal, stressing the need for short-notice inspections of Iranian facilities to
Secretary of State John Kerry is on the mend. The photo was the first released since the crash and came the same day that
There is no Hizmet Movement plan to take over Ankara, no desire to rule the religious roost. In fact, in my meeting with Islamic scholar and preacher Fethullah Gulen, America was lauded for its religious freedoms. That was the model offered up. Not a Muslim state but a state where all religions are supported in their practice. Turkish President Erdogan should take note.
Invasive inspections will be permanent, even at undeclared sites. WASHINGTON -- To those who feared that the deadline for