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Same-sex couples face significant levels of discrimination in the rental housing market, according to a landmark government study released on Tuesday. Zach Carter joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the findings on Friday during an event at the agency for HUD GLOBE, the association
"[It's] a significant reduction. I think that [the public housing agencies] have been squeezed quite a bit over the last
== I had not read that report at the time, but I did read a brief Department of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development
Massachusetts will become the 16th state to treat transgender citizens as a protected class after legislature passed the
A newly released government report shows that approximately 170,000 families visited homeless shelters in 2009. This number
Over the past year, Brown held a series of hearings examining ways to rebuild U.S. manufacturing and is also fighting to ensure that our nation's trade laws work for domestic manufacturing and American workers.