Section 8

Tens of thousands of low-income renters nationwide could lose housing assistance, including many seniors and people with disabilities.
Location is king, but there are other important reasons for why you pay what you pay.
As anyone in Seattle knows, homelessness doesn't just hurt the homeless -- poor leadership, squandered opportunities and bureaucracy over the long term, hurts the taxpayer as well.
One way to address housing discrimination is by giving low-income families, who are disproportionately low-income, more opportunities to live in communities with greater resources. The Section 8 program is an important tool in that effort, but we need to do more than hand out vouchers to the fortunate few families.
Many American children won't have a safe, stable home this holiday season. Homelessness among families with children isn't an intractable problem; federal rental assistance -- like the Housing Choice Voucher program -- is an effective solution. But funding is seriously inadequate and has faced significant cuts.
Phillip Andrew Morton's latest project, Spanish Lake, takes a serious look at the former, predominantly white-inhabited suburb of St. Louis.