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The new legislation could let clergy endorse political candidates.
“The centerpiece of Roy Moore’s political campaign is a commitment to Christian supremacy."
Ancient and Renaissance Christian intellectuals claimed all that was beautiful and humane in pre-Christian Greek and Roman
We are a country of religious and non-religious people who should be judged on what we say and do rather than on our professed religious beliefs. There are good and bad people of all religions and none. In fact, I'm planning to vote for a liberal Methodist (Hillary Clinton) rather than for a likely atheist (Donald Trump), who I can't imagine believing in a power higher than himself.
You pass through the long security line at the United States Capitol building in Washington, DC. While the line of tourists streams forward into the Exhibition Hall, you turn right, and head to the Senate appointment desk.
As for the Senate, 43 percent of legislators scored an “F” while 7 percent earned an “A” for their positions on the Employment
As an atheist, I point out that I don't believe in the existence of any supernatural forces, including Yahweh, Satan, angels or devils. But I can make theological and strategic cases for embracing the mythical Satan.
David Niose, president for the Secular Coalition of America and author of "Nonbeliever Nation," joined Ahmed on HuffPost
"That's allowed government partnerships with religious groups to flourish, for the good of those served and the good of our
In preparation for May 21, some Americans have quit their jobs, settled their affairs, and arranged for their care of their earth-bound pets, for they believe this Saturday is the Rapture.