Godless congregations are organizing online trivia nights, book club meetings and pub nights to promote human connection during the COVID-19 outbreak.
A publicly funded retirement home in Vesoul, France, reportedly told a nun she needed to stop wearing religious clothing to be admitted.
Churches in the Netherlands have been converted into community centers, museums, apartment buildings and even gyms.
Quebec recently banned public servants from wearing religious symbols.
For atheists, humanists, Satanists and other secular folk, Christmas is a season for political activism.
We are Humanists first because we are human infants first, insusceptible of further branding at that time. No infant is Muslim
How to proceed with your own worldview? Polytheism spread over the planet several thousand years ago to produce a majority
There have been some protests to put pressure on the government to find the activists. However they have been insignificant
Pardon me. This piece is admittedly too clever by half, but then again, so is The Gospel of Wealth. Two preachers, male and
Bringing people together under these circumstances required something more than the promise of state neutrality. The nation's