The November 2014 executive order wasn't totally lost. Here's what is changing.
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said "it's a fiction" to accuse his department of not enforcing immigration law.
"That is outrageous," Bush said in an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board. "And the way to solve
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gave her first major televised interview since launching her 2016 campaign last night.
The widespread resistance led the Obama administration to announce in November that it would drop the Secure Communities
In comments to reporters after the meeting, Johnson said DHS has become increasingly concerned with terrorist acts carried
"Would it help you if we clarified the law to make it clear that it was mandatory that those local communities cooperate
"We have a community that's already criminalized," said Erika Almiron, executive director of the Philadelphia group Juntos
What has happened in Ferguson can either move us forward or push us back. Most of its residents are reasonable, peaceful people who want change. But right now, the fact is whatever happens in Ferguson affects black people everywhere as it relates to this singular issue of deadly police force.
Recent federal court decisions make it clear local law enforcement agencies that detain individuals on the sole authority of an ICE detainer request violate the Fourth Amendment, exposing them to legal liability unless there has been an independent finding of probable cause to justify detention.
Since its inception in 2009, Travis County has deported about 19 immigrants each week -- "leading all counties with the highest percentage of deported non criminals." And The University of Texas at Austin, has been no stranger to these type of issues.
As the NFL scandals keep breaking and a greater degree of attention is placed on violence against women, it is my hope that groups which do not get much attention in this conversation are brought more to the forefront: Native American and immigrant women.