The nation's capital is on guard amid worries about more violence leading up to Jan. 20, the day Joe Biden becomes president.
On CNN, Chris Krebs, the fired chief of U.S. cybersecurity, fears for American democracy even after President Donald Trump leaves office.
"It’s harder to get in a Trader Joe’s during a pandemic than it is the capitol."
He may view them as a "profit center" when his debts are due, reports NBC.
The extra layer of security comes as retailers across the country boarded up their stores in anticipation of possible election unrest.
The federal judge spoke out for the first time about the fatal shooting at her home in New Jersey in an emotional video.
The Florida sheriff says he doesn't have enough officers or funds — and the Republicans don't have a "solid plan" for a major event just a month away.
The infectious disease expert will receive more personal security after getting threats and unwelcome messages due to his leading role in the fight against the coronavirus.
The president said the couple must pay for their own security should they move to the U.S.
As President Donald Trump’s travel ban took effect, Americans rushing back from Europe were faced with long lines once they stepped back in the United States.