security clearance

The chief ethics lawyer for George W. Bush called Kushner a "national security risk" who should never have been granted security clearance.
Carl Kline, the man at the center of the security clearance scandal, may now be held in contempt of Congress.
The rejection for "significant disqualifying factors" was overturned by a Trump appointee.
Tricia Newbold said 25 clearances were issued despite recommendations that the applications be denied.
Ex-White House personnel security director Carl Kline will have to answer to congressional questions about reversing security clearance decisions.
Tricia Newbold, a Trump official, briefed the House oversight committee on "grave" security risks.
The "Late Show" host thinks he knows who's going to expose the president next.
The CNN host jabbed at Donald Trump's daughter after a report that the president pressured hesitant officials to grant her security clearance.
Rep. Elijah Cummings ripped the White House's decision to withhold information on Jared Kushner's clearance.
The "Last Week Tonight" host delivers an epic takedown of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.
Concerned officials continued to oppose Donald Trump's wishes to grant his son-in-law top-secret clearance — until the president reportedly overruled them.
The former director of national intelligence said Trump's reported ordering of a top-secret clearance for Jared Kushner sets "a terrible example."
The president had "zero" involvement in my "husband's clearance," the first daughter said.
The president previously said he had no role in securing the top-secret clearance for his son-in-law.
The demand follows a report that an administration official overrode recommendations that Trump's son-in-law not be given top-secret access.
The personnel office director also cleared 30 other people in the Trump administration. The House Oversight Committee is investigating.
The probe is one of the first to target the Trump administration since Democrats took control of the House.
"Come forward ... or resign," White House counselor tells Christiane Amanpour.
The Congressional Leadership Fund got the information through a mishandled Freedom of Information Act request.