If you're feeling a little iffy about seersucker: Try it in small doses. Seersucker is super versatile and looks great on
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Seersucker Thursday was fundamentally a Republican thing—the fabric recalling as it does some forgotten/sanitized era of
WASHINGTON -- It's fun to dress up in nice clothes and pretend you live in a Fitzgerald novel. The folks that participate
I heard more rumblings about think tanks than anyone commenting on a pop color or wearing a ridiculously tall shoe. Party hopping in D.C. has a certain high school feel but in the best way... and unlike fashion circles, everyone was positive and less catty.
For those of you who have not yet experienced Seersucker, they offer a seasonal menu, which changes, you guessed it, by season! But the general theme always remains -- clean Southern food.
If you're looking for the razzle-dazzlers, peruse someone else's compilation. If it's good food, good times and earnestness you're after, read on.
Special guests like Stephen Colbert and novelist Jayne Anne Phillips will read and discuss Harper Lee's American classic