The self-balancing scooter that was popular with tourists and police officers but also associated with high-profile crashes, will be retired next month.
And it has nothing to do with their fiery explosions.
The holiday is officially over and once again I'm left feeling unfulfilled, despite the fact that I consumed an entire Hickory Farms sausage log in one sitting.
Inventor Dean Kamen is obsessed with challenging norms. His Two Steps Forward clock is genius, yet determined to discombobulate. From the man who seceded from the nation when America challenged his wind-powered island comes a timepiece with true personality.
Duration: 2 hours Age Limit: No children under 13 years Price: R365 per person including refreshments Spier Wine Farm & Vineyard
If I asked 100 people working in the larger Technology sector who Noel Lee was, I'm guessing less than 10 would immediately recognize the name or be able to tell me what he's accomplished.
Prague is one of the most visited destinations in Europe and has tourists coming from all over the world to discover this beautiful city. Understandably the city is littered with souvenir stores and people offering walking tours, Segway tours and free tours.
There's a new film out on Dean Kamen's latest and greatest invention, "Slingshot." That's the name of both the fascinating documentary by Paul Lazarus and Kamen's latest, life-altering brainstorm.