Seif al-Islam

  TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — A court in Libya on Tuesday sentenced a son of Moammar Gadhafi to death by firing squad after convicting
In the face of this aggression, the international community took action. The United States helped shape a U.N. Security Council
Despite the celebration, Gaddafi's location remains unknown, and fighting in Tripoli continues. CNN correspondent Sara Sidner
It was inevitable that the venerable London School of Economics would be rechristened the "Libyan School of Economics" the instant it embraced the financial largesse of the Gadhafi family.
Sons of big name political leaders have been making the news this week from Europe to Africa. In France, President Nicolas
TRIPOLI (AFP) Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi has presented his son Seif al-Islam as head of state with powers second only to