Drilling and seismic are heavy industrial bedfellows. Blasting our ocean with seismic airgun explosions in a hunt for oil and gas reserves will forever harm our whales, turtles and fish. And it blows the locks off the doors to keep offshore drilling out for good.
Last week, President Obama rightly declared in his State of the Union address: "No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change." This week, the Obama administration announced plans open up the Atlantic Ocean to oil and gas drilling.
Members of a small nation with the hearts of a lion are standing up to big oil in order to protect fish, and their fishing way of life.
It is serious, deadly, and frightening -- both in what is going on under the ocean surface, and the lack of laws and controls to protect whales, dolphins, and other animals.
This new science, combined with today's report on the whales killed by seismic technology in Madagascar, should be reason enough to at least put this proposal on hold, if not stop it in its tracks.
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Peabody's 1,600-megawatt pulverized-coal plant is being built in Lively Grove, where the the "Big Shake" of 1811, in nearby New Madrid, Missouri, altered the very waterways that will feed into the Peabody mine-mouth operation.
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