Selective mutism

She still does not know one word of Russian. But living with a non verbal brother with complex needs taught her something
As a person who gained his full use of voice, I hope that once children can vocalize, they can express themselves with ease
Even though I suffered at school, I did speak and express myself with ease at home and with the kids in the neighborhood. Therefore, I found it disconcerting how my behaviors were shaped by the social setting I found myself in: talkative at home and mute in school.
For weeks after she started preschool, Alvin Asencio, 27, and his wife Krystal, 28, thought their daughter, Kailee, was just
I replaced my traditional Catholic school uniform with a shirt that read: "Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it." Once I arrived at school, I immediately noticed the stares and heard not-so-subtle whispers from passers-by.
It feels like this: I’m suffocating in anxiety, slowly being covered up by silence. Words don’t come out clearly and I often
As a result, both Lorcan and Jessi-cat have made the shortlist as Best Friends in the Cats Protection National Cat Awards
I want my daughter to be "normal" much more than I ever thought. You would think that coming from a family of shy people would make me more patient. In fact, it's just the opposite since I know what's at stake.