Emails show the retailer's employees are worried that an AI-based system meant to prevent theft is undermining social distancing. "It's a health issue," said one.
Her Majesty had questions about customers possibly cheating at a Sainsbury's pop-up store.
We may not realize it, but retailers are conditioning us to be our own cashiers.
I don't like the new woman in the checkout line at Winn-Dixie. At all. I met her for the first time today as I went through the self-checkout... she spoke to me normally as always, in calming dulcet tones.
Scan & Go users pay in the traditional way, not via apps on their devices. The company declined to comment further on mobile
The test comes as retailers and restaurants are trying to figure out ways to speed up the checkout process by letting customers
Yesterday I went to my local Apple store to pick up a car charger for my iPhone. I've always enjoyed visiting and shopping
MANCHESTER, Conn. -- When Keith Wearne goes grocery shopping, checking out with a cashier is worth the few extra moments
At last year's annual WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit, the talk was all about recession and inventory control. But at this