self compassion

Steal these tips from the pros.
This unleashes the pleasure-inducing hormone oxytocin you're your blood stream which helps to lower your levels of cortisol
2. Create Your Rules After the 30-day yoga challenge, I decided to allow my mind and body to choose the best yoga practice
Thanks to this new direction in mindfulness research, we'll be better equipped to choose the practice that's right for us
Why is there such a huge gap in the way we treat ourselves versus how we treat others?
What exactly is self-compassion? "If you had difficulty with the test you just took, you're not alone. It's common for students
2. Help in difficult times Can joy be cultivated? And, if so, can we teach our kids how to be more joyful in their lives
Our sense of self is often a divided thing. Most of us have a side in us that is "on our own team." It encourages and supports us. It helps us fight for what we want and believes in what we can achieve.
Dr. Kristin Neff describes three key elements of self-compassion: 1) self-kindness over self-judgment, 2) mindfulness over
As we, like the puppy, practice the art of stepping into our fears and repeatedly standing in the fire of challenges and opportunities that we might prefer to avoid, our capacity to face into the unfaceable grows and deepens.
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While we create the negative feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, hurt, guilt, shame, depression and aloneness by our own thoughts
During my career in Academia, I have noticed an unhealthy trend among students. It's the obsessively self-critical thinking that happens when students do something that doesn't go "right." They fall into the judgmental trap of thinking they are a failure or something is wrong with them.
There is nothing in the tank and nothing left to give. Some days, you don't feel like a million bucks, no matter how desperately you want to.
1. See the universality of your experience If, like me, you plan to get to meditation sometime in the future that is not