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The "Killing Eve" star says she's found the freedom to be herself as she gets older.
"It’s all about loving yourself just the way you are."
We can’t get enough of Brandi Mallory's "jiggle."
Here are five ways to stop settling and start feeling better: Do you frequently make excuses for others' mistreatment of
Imagine all the possibilities you would create in your life right now if you simply chose today instead of choosing to continue
Find more on & Facebook So, what do we do? How do we shed shame? We do what we do in any relationship. We
5. Something happened and you miss the confident, carefree girl you used to be. Here are the top 10 signs that you need to
It is crucial to adopt this mindset and work on yourself now. This will pay off down the road if you decide on a relationship
A few weeks later, I was driving an hour away to get my first full weave. Although I didn't want to make decisions about
5) Dress the Part This may seem superficial, but dressing well and looking the part can do wonders for your self-confidence
Everyone has something they wish they were better at--a physical capability, a business skill, or even simply being a better listener.
4. Don't let your doubts define you. Nathalie confesses that even though starting new things is her gift, imposter syndrome
The imposter syndrome is where you believe that you are unqualified to be doing what you are in fact doing and that people
Shame has been my constant companion for as far back as I can remember, but not my friend. I think shame thinks of itself
Most of us are not aware of what we're communicating most of the time...