So every once in a while, make that decision and remind yourself to have your own back. Then crank a song that hits you in the depths of your soul, and step out into the world to continue glowing and growing like only you can.
Each year, during the month of Elul and throughout the Days of Awe, Jews assemble to do something that is essentially private: To be able to reflect on our actions and our inactions of the past year, the gap between our aspirations and our behavior, between our integrity and our actuality.
Had I been an eccentric European aristocrat, young and male in the sixteenth century, at age eighteen I would have embarked on the classical Grand Tour.
Self-limiting belief stories are something we are all familiar with, however the good news is these stories can be changed and these women are proof...those stories are no more! It's important to understand that nothing has meaning besides the meaning you attach to it.
I finally learned that life is actually lived during the pauses or breaks when we make time to reflect and truly appreciate the moment. From these reflections, I've come to realize that communication is the root to all my problems today.
What is your story? Whatever it is, know there is more to life and more to understand about yourself than any story you've adopted.
So what happens after your husband, who is also your co-founder of the company you've built for 18 years, tells you he's in love with one of your friends? The night we ended our 20-year marriage, my now ex and I binged on Game of Thrones while sharing a magnum of Ornelia. By 2:00 a.m. that July night -- after many truths revealed -- my fantasy of working off the grid for the past few months was jump started.
So plan a solo trip, join a group with others who share a common interest, go back to school and get the degree
I must ultimately admit that despite the challenges -- or perhaps because of them -- I love New York. It's changed me for the better, and continues to do so every day. The lessons that this city has taught me about change will remain lodged in my heart long after I depart it.
It's truly fascinating traveling solo. Everything has an end which is why I believe so strongly in the pursuit of independence
If there is anything most of us need to reframe, it's our perception of failure! That novel you're writing may never hit
A year ago I was married with a daughter while living on the Oregon coast, making my living working as a high school teacher. Three months ago I chose to transition from male to female.
What are you willing to give up, even if you love it, to live the life you keep saying you want?
My best advice for any college student (especially freshmen) is to explore, to figure out who you are by deconstructing who you think you are, and to have an intense passion for what you do. These four years can be lost in the mix of making others happy or they can be an enlightening experience for yourself.
I'm 50 now and couldn't squeeze an arm through either leg of Kristy's jean shorts, but I got a taste of camp last weekend. It was all I'd hoped, albeit without Matt Dillon eyeing my curves from across the lake.
I remember in high school when everyone made it a point to remind us at every juncture possible that "it's not the end of the world." That the world was so much bigger than we knew it to be. I hated hearing that.
Like any journey, self-discovery requires enduring the tougher times -- but in reflecting back on those difficult moments, we will often find they ultimately prove to have given far more than they took.
Here are some life lessons from my various coaches -- with a huge thank you to each one these incredible people.