(5) You spend too much time on social media, comparing yourself to everyone else, when you should be getting work done We
Once upon a time I considered getting my real estate license. I saw how easy it was for our realtor to sell our house in
As a freelance photographer and fishing guide, I do business online and in person. There aren't any tools I can use to take client photos for me or show a group where the biggest bass are hiding that day (yet), but there are several I can use to run the other side of my business - what I like to call the nitty gritty.
--A Reader In general, keep receipts for everything. To make it easier come tax time, keep a running tally of expenses on
Let's say your 10-year-old son just had an emergency appendectomy (been there, done that). You'll be at the hospital worrying
Because far from the outdated perception of mothers as incompetent workers and in spite of the proven 'Wage Penalty' of motherhood
Meanwhile, my email lists were nothing to be amazed at. In reflecting back on my bad excuses, my hope is that you'll be able
Side note: anything on your list that is fear-based will keep you in the same place, the safety-zone. Keep in mind that true
Are you part of the on-demand or gig-economy? Pew Research Center indicated, "Self-employed Americans and the workers they