If you want the knowledge, the confidence and the THICK SKIN we all need to build a thriving business, then we HAVE TO invest
Once upon a time I considered getting my real estate license. I saw how easy it was for our realtor to sell our house in
As a freelance photographer and fishing guide, I do business online and in person. There aren't any tools I can use to take client photos for me or show a group where the biggest bass are hiding that day (yet), but there are several I can use to run the other side of my business - what I like to call the nitty gritty.
Dear Carrie, I'm thinking of supplementing my income by driving for a rideshare service. What's the smartest way to think
But what about clients in your sales pipeline? But here's the thing. We all have days when we are horribly distracted, completely
Yet what if we are all out of giving? What if we're running on empty and can't catch a break? The answer is actually pretty
My problem was, I was too busy looking around at all the other teachers to notice what unique teaching I could contribute
Take note of how your work is affecting you at home. It's normal for you to be on edge, have low energy and to be less patient
Are you part of the on-demand or gig-economy? Pew Research Center indicated, "Self-employed Americans and the workers they
One of the more common mistakes business owners make when beginning the process of applying for a home mortgage loan is failing to recognize how their involvement in a LLC, sole proprietorship, or corporation can impact their status as a borrower.
Change is unsettling because it's atypical and new and demands adaptation, even flexibility. And for this reason, many people become stuck in their jobs. But your job should provide you with a certain amount of satisfaction.
1. Your business AND personal expenses. This might seem like a given, but you'd be surprised how many business owners don't
Have you been feeling disengaged at work? Do you feel your mind wandering? Do you wonder if this job is really the right one for you? You may not be completely unhappy, but you also know you're not happy.
Do you feel like you reflect on things more than everyone else? Do you find yourself worrying about how other people feel
Working for yourself can be very fulfilling, but it requires attention to detail -- especially when it comes to your taxes.
In addition, in today's economic environment showing a high income on your tax return is a must for basics like signing a
I have finally found self employment to be the right formula that fits my life. At least it works for me at this moment in time. But not everyone finds or even believes that this ambiguous concept of balance exists.
It was around a year ago that I was tasked with writing a 500 word piece on quite a boring topic. Little did I know that this task that I was dreading, would eventually change my life and be the catalyst for a career change.
1. Actually start working. I start with a few smaller more accomplishable tasks to get the motivation ball rolling and then