A recent study found that young people who engage in the behavior are more likely to consider or attempt suicide.
"With each incident, I became less shocked at what I had done to myself, and therefore willing to use tools increasingly likely to cause injury and scarring."
"Every time tank top season arrives, I not only get a bit self-conscious, but also depressed."
Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children ages 10 to 14, who are online more than ever before. A center in New Mexico is working to change that.
Our words matter. How we talk about mental health affects whether people feel safe speaking up or getting help.
You don't have to contemplate suicide for your thoughts to be dangerous. Here are the signs your mental health is at risk and how to address it.
The superstar got candid about trauma and PTSD in a powerful new Elle magazine interview with Oprah Winfrey.
"We’re doing healing work, and if you have the calling to do healing work, it can also kind of be healing for yourself," one of the artists said of their efforts.
“I had never cut myself before I came to the United States."