William Thompson, SP Red (2012) oil on masonite, 5 x 6.5 inches DDL: There is, with The Well and many other paintings, a
Because the female gaze never goes out of style.
The nubile starlets of Cindy Sherman's "Untitled Film Stills" are getting older, and still performing for us.
All of the works in Christopher Kent Schumaker's new book My Strangers were made during a time of great duress in the artist's life.
Jane Szabo's conceptualist photographic project, Reconstructing Self, is a work of self-portraiture, executed along a cumulative, expanding allegorical framework.
If you think you are God's gift to planet earth, you may have what it takes to make it in the art world!
Thanks to iPhoneography, I have been able to thrive on being able to make everything with a single purpose: taking the photo, editing it, and posting it.