The union president has accused Bill Scott of blaming rank-and-file officers for "self-preservation" after the police chief publicly apologized for the raid.
"Self-preservation is a real motive," Dean said. "Trump throws almost everyone under the bus."
Often, we find ourselves inadvertently repeating the habitual relational patterns of our family of origin. Being aware of this can allow us the space to make different decisions about how we want to be. But it's hard work. Old emotional ties can make this a sticky process.
Senators have constituents to answer to -- voters and interest groups -- and winning future elections means keeping them happy. Self-preservation is logical. Self-preservation that compromises your values and negatively impacts the country is a lack of leadership.
• The central banker is left to shoulder the burden, seeking all the while to pressure the fiscal authority to amend the
Instead of using your coping mechanisms to mask what's going on underneath, why not use them as an early warning system that something is going on and begin to take a look under the hood?
In reading their story and seeing how they applied their life lessons, you will see that fear as a force began to weaken
I can remember sinking as the Plymouth Voyager pulled down the dirt road, and there I stood: an 8-year-old watching her only