By Liz Ritter for NewBeauty The message is clear: The sun’s rays are sinister—they’ll not only make your skin age faster
This geometric print towel by Mara Hoffman is plush, beautiful and the perfect accessory to lounge on at the beach or the
Alright ladies, this is the one trick you need to know when it comes to completing your beach-babe look in the summer. We put bronzer on our faces to help enhance and define our features, so why stop there?
"We are starting to see a reduction in the use of indoor tanning in recent years," Guy said. "This may be due, in part, to
Face the Facts Though you may be tempted to slather your self-tanner from head to toe, Monroe says it's best to use a separate
So we have some bad news: There's only a month left in summer. Which means your tan will soon be fading. We've been lucky
Just because you're keeping the sun's damaging rays away from your skin doesn't mean you can't get a bit of a sun-kissed glow.
Chirping birds signal the arrival of spring. And, a gentle reminder that leg baring seasons is almost upon us. But, what to do about those pasty white, winterized legs? The way I see it, you have three choices: embrace the paste, go for the glow or strategically layer your legs in "camouflage clothing."
Now that fall's officially here, everybody keep your cool -- I'll teach you how to keep that glow even though the humidity in the air has lifted.
Learn from these celebrity tanning mistakes: Watch the video for all of Jimmy's self-tanning tips, including his lemon juice
I had been hearing it all my life, especially when I would return from a vacation that I was obviously supposed to have come back from looking "tan."
Kick up your heels! It's that time of year once again, and fashion decisions must be made: "To bare or not to bare -- that is the question!" Of course, we are talking legs!
"What happened to your knees?" I will forever remember this question. Let me set the scene: High school, early June, U.S