selfie culture

Why do we send selfies? And why do people ask for them in return? Is it plain and simply narcissism? A need for validation? Or do we genuinely think that's the best way to let people in on what's going on in our lives and how we're feeling when an emoji just won't do?
"People are using the selfie as a means of claiming ownership of their bodies, identities, and lives."
Walking through Times Square as quickly as possible, I was astonished to see about 1,000 people all clustered and staring up at something. You don't often seen 1,000 people all staring at a single spot. Something big must have been happening. I turned to look. What they were all staring at, what had grabbed their attention, was... themselves.
Busted. In the video of her prank, Kingsley confronts people mid-picture (much to their chagrin) to enforce her made-up selfie
They've invaded funerals and "serious places," and now taking selfies at the Auschwitz has become a thing that teenagers
In light of the fact that two major New York exhibitions are currently featuring his work, the reclusive artist spoke to
Susan Green and Robin J. Phillips, the brains behind the app, say the idea for SkinneePix came about during a recent vacation
Personally, I don't put many selfies on my Instagram. However, I do send Snapchats to friends daily. Maybe, I'll admit, hourly.