selfies at funerals

Should we take selfies at places of devastating historical significance? Jason Feifer, Dr. Thorin Tritter, and J.P. Weisman join Caroline to discuss.
And in case you’ve lost all sense of right and wrong in the world of narcissistic photo-taking, read HuffPost’s eight rules
If my own 50-year-old Dad had a problem with a harmless selfie of us taken at a Jets game, how would an older or sick person feel if you Instagrammed a picture of them while they are at their lowest most vulnerable place?
Death reaches us in different ways, at different times of our lives. Some funerals might call for a piñata donkey, others for a sexy selfie in the bathroom. Do not stand at my grave and weep, goes the line. It's okay to weep, though. It's also okay to laugh. Honestly, what else can you do?
Maybe. If there's an event during which selfies are more inappropriate, we can't think of it. Fast Company's Jason Feifer