Nobody wants to be in a romantic relationship with a self-centered lover.
“It’s almost like these areas of the brain behave according to a neural Golden Rule."
When Trump makes veiled threats of gun violence against Hillary Clinton, I can't help thinking that a child would be suspended or even expelled from school for such talk.
Think what would happen if we all decided to do our next action so that it would create positive ripple effect instead of negative?
Instead of theological sameness, I like to imagine that heaven is a place where we become even more different than we are now, just as I have found that I have become more myself the older I've gotten and I think I would say the same thing about my husband, my children, and my dearest friends.
I asked authors Rick Clugston, Herman Greene, and Kurt Johnson to elaborate on their thinking about the prospects for altruism and oneness ascending in global consciousness. Here is their thoughtful communication.