A little running can help your little swimmers.
It was thought that once you survived the infection, you could not infect other people and you were immune against the virus in the future. However, we have learned that once you have become infected with the Ebola virus, you are not free of the virus when your symptoms disappear.
What happens to sperm cells that don't get ejaculated? Old sperm are simply resorbed by the man's body. How many sperm cells
For the first time, scientists have started tracking how these species utilize the nutrients in sperm. The study was published
In an on-camera conversation with TMZ reporters, she was asked if she had any recommendations for anti-aging skincare products
(Other U.S. sperm banks contacted by LiveScience said they hadn't noticed any changes in sperm quantity or quality.) Macho
As the first evidence that NGF, or OIF, from semen travels throughout the female body, acting as a hormone, Adams says "this
On the day following his suspension, police say the student took to Twitter to express his outrage at the punishment -- threatening