Semester Abroad

You can truly act as an ambassador for your country.
I ate herring and drank schnapps... and Aquavite. Susanna's relatives served caviar at every dinner party I attended. I was
Being immersed in such an environment for a semester was exhilarating. I seized the chance to learn a new language, meet people from different corners of the globe, and pick from the great minds of business.
With fast growing economies like Saudi Arabia and the UAE quickly becoming hot destination for international companies, students who are looking to gain experience in a culture that will help their future job prospects should take note.
See you "on the road"! In the old days (1660 to 1840), affluent young men were known to go on a "grand tour" to complete
Buckingham Palace. And again. But filled with lots of inspiration! Borough Market. Roses. Family portrait. More Grand Tour
This one has a treasure buried behind it. Hali Country Hotel. There are a crazy amount of Lupines! Stuck for two and half
While our goal is to make it possible for every Stetson student to study abroad, our responsibility is to also bring the world to them -- infusing the campus with an increased awareness of intercultural and international issues.
Scholastic duty of care is a dynamic responsibility. So what can we do to mitigate the ongoing collision of a new and culturally rewarding experience with the stress of a new environment?
Take advantage of our local study break suggestions because it's harder to blackmail you with foreign debauchery when you run for governor.
Last month my daughter, Michele, left our home in San Diego for jolly ole' Oxford, England where she'll participate in a semester abroad program for the next three months. I was a wreck.
It's not something just rich kids do either. Plenty find scholarships and financial aid to get themselves overseas. If you're