Critical race theory examines the role of white supremacy in institutional racism. Southern Baptist seminary presidents don't want future pastors to learn about it.
High-ranking Catholic clergy dismissed reports that former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was abusing seminarians and children, a Vatican investigation found.
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano claims that he told the pope about ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2013.
A male escort's list reportedly contains texts and photos from Italian priests and seminarians.
Another lay leader said their pastor "will be the first one to stand up and say where he's wrong from the pulpit. I mean
1. An Independent Narrative: Ideas and ideals conveyed on the channels are not defined in opposition to an extremist ideology
School has just started, but for those who will be graduating from College, the question of “what’s next” is already here
Dealing with a LGBTQIA+ identity within any of the segments of Christianity is rarely, if ever, easy. There are an ever-growing number of writers publically addressing the dissonance many feel within the church. This is a part of a series of profiles of those courageous people furthering the conversation.
Where can I find community? Where can I explore faith rather than have it prescribed to me? How can I learn about the neighborhood, the city where I just moved? How can I change the world? Does it have to be this lonely?
I got into the academic religion game at a delicate moment, just as secularization was the fashion and as Christian indoctrination