Sen. Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill is wittily live-tweeting her experience.
The senator calls the Republican crop of presidential contenders "very disappointing."
"No one should get paid for inaction,” Nelson said. “And Congress clearly hasn’t done the job to avert the sequester." The
The Invisible War interweaves devastating statistics with the personal stories of a group of women and one man. Their lives have been forever altered by "soul-shattering" violations from those they had believed to be a trusted family -- the military.
"When I'm in the U.S. Senate," he told KMOX radio in an interview on Wednesday, "I'm going to tell my scheduling guy, 'Here's
D’Angelo told CNN that the senator’s decision to use social media was her own idea. “Accountability is part of the mindset
Thune said he hopes to win over some Democrats for the effort. When the Senate voted on a mandatory earmark ban in November