Sen. John Kennedy

The "Meet The Press" host told Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy that Vladimir Putin is "selling" the same claims.
"I’ve seen no indication that Ukraine tried" to hack Democratic National Committee servers, the Louisiana senator says after initial support of Trump's narrative.
“Christmas ornaments, drywall and [Jeffrey] Epstein ― name three things that don’t hang themselves,” Sen. John Kennedy said in a Judiciary Committee hearing.
They previously insisted there was no quid pro quo in the president's Ukraine phone call.
"If he'll treat a United States senator the way he treated us, I wonder how he would treat the people," said Sen. John Kennedy.
"I think any fair-minded person would have to question Mr. Cohen’s checkered past," the senator said.
The Louisiana Republican dismissed Trump's tweets raging at special counsel Robert Mueller as "talk."
Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, who opposes gun control laws, said he'll introduce a bill to protect animals on airplanes.