Sen. John mccain

After reportedly vetoing a White House statement on the death of Sen. John McCain, President Trump ignored questions about the late senator’s life and legacy.
This latest Trump controversy appears to be the tipping point in his unprecedented presidential campaign, finally bringing both Republicans and Democrats together in soundly denouncing his outlandish, bigoted rhetoric.
I keep thinking that people, fellow Republicans, Democrats, Independents and the general populace - ought to quit signing Donald Trump off as a fluke in the upcoming presidential election. Like it or not, he is a real contender and he will continue to be.
The GOP has fears that if he is not treated with respect he may become a third party candidate which would all but assure the election will go to the Democratic nominee. The Republican party has no one to blame but themselves.
"We had it stabilized and then President Obama decided we had to pull everybody out and, my friend, that was the beginning
Conservative pundits and GOP politicians have questioned the Obama-arranged deal, with many saying Bergdahl deserted his
"I think it's a matter of us as Americans not getting lost in the, I think, troubling optics of the White House ceremony
The hypocrisy manages to be both stunning yet also banal, even predictable. It's not rocket science. Sgt. Bergdahl was never a living, breathing human to these people -- just what the director Alfred Hitchcock would have called a "MacGuffin."
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) warned Friday that the crisis in Ukraine resembles the geopolitical factors at play when Adolf
We believe that the Republican Party still has a chance at redemption with our community, but first they must stop treating us like criminals.