Sen. Susan Collins

After watching this video, I've come to appreciate the importance of paying closer attention to the goings-on in Washington, particularly on a matter of critical concern to me: the future of elder care in America, which is on the cusp of a crisis.
Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) thinks it's time for Republicans to let go of their efforts to repeal Obamacare. Speaking to
The LCV endorsement deals another blow to Bellows' uphill battle to defeat Collins. The senator leads Bellows by 55 percent
“Shenna Bellows has spent her career fighting for the people of Maine and is the type of leader we need in the U.S. Senate
WASHINGTON -- Shenna Bellows has given up her day job as executive director of Maine's American Civil Liberties Union to run against Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), promising to fight for marijuana legalization, the repeal of the Patriot Act, more environmental protections and an end the National Security Agency's surveillance of Americans.
Bellows, however, faulted Collins for her position on the issue. "I think it's unconscionable that the United States incarcerates
Gun Control is a rail on which few Maine politicians, who want a future, dare to even accidentally step on. So it quite surprising to see the two-term Senator meddle with it in such an overt way.
Janice Kovach, the Democratic mayor of Clinton, N.J., helped organize a fundraiser for NWHM last spring, and told HuffPost
Sen. Susan Collins blasted the "highly politicized" nature of Congress, questioning whether Congress can resolve any of the
"If, in fact, we can find common ground on these extensions, I think you can take to the bank the fact that they will be
The news reports were based on NADA’s spot survey of dealers, which estimated that 250,000 clunker sales already had been