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John Cornyn's staff slammed the "vulgar" comedian on Twitter after he appeared in a video for a 2020 campaign rival.
The decision clears the path for former astronaut Mark Kelly to challenge GOP Sen. Martha McSally.
“This is inexcusable and can’t go on,” the GOP Senate candidate said of Trump's immigration policy. But his Utah rival brought up several flip-flops as they debated.
Heated encounter took place outside Alabama campaign event.
"What impressed me [was] the pace of volunteers, calls, voter registration is dramatically larger than it was four years
In a 30-second statewide spot titled "Sir," the former Hewlett Packard CEO charges Boxer with being arrogant, pointing to
What Republicans should really be crying about is Sestak's stunning victory over Specter in PA. The Dems now have a 3-star Admiral running against a guy who spent 4 years running a PAC, and earlier traded credit default swaps.
Appearing at a recent coffee-shop event with Colorado voters, Norton sat silently while a female attendee declared twice