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The influential group of conservative lawmakers made the former House Speaker's life miserable in Congress.
Recent Democratic political messaging and a number of news reports have compared Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst
Roberts appeared vulnerable earlier this year after questions were raised about his residency in Kansas, similar to what helped defeat veteran Sen. Richard Lugar two years ago.
Beyond opposing Jones in North Carolina, Singer's American Unity PAC spent more than $660,000 to promote Rep. Richard Hanna
"I'’m honored to serve as the next president of the Senate Conservatives Fund," Cuccinelli said in a statement on the SCF's
Simpson has attracted support from a range of groups with overlapping priorities in Washington -- chief among them to keep
Aaron Bycoffe contributed reporting. But of these 62 donors, 42 gave to Democratic-aligned groups while just 18 gave to Republican
A request for comment from Bevin's campaign was not immediately returned. WASHINGTON -- A tea party group released a new
Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), an ally of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and frequent voice for moderation in the Republication
He said that he will be traveling to Auschwitz next week for the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp
The SCF, however, said it was not immediately ready to back a primary challenge to Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) by Rep. Steve
"Pointing fingers and attacking Republicans is apparently a very profitable fundraising business," Walsh wrote in U.S. News
A GOP source familiar with Lonegan's campaign disputes the claim that the NRSC "kept every penny," saying that the "NRSC
The rise in unlimited spending by outside groups coincided with a loss of money for the traditional Republican Party structure
"Has the Senate Conservatives Fund & the DSCC disagreed on a GOP primary yet? Asking for a friend," Dayspring wrote on Friday
McConnell himself helped craft the budget deal that left Obamacare virtually unscathed. The Senate Conservatives Fund also
"Mississippi needs a strong fiscal conservative in the Senate who will fight President Obama and his agenda of higher taxes
This campaign culminated on Friday with the House voting to strip funding for Obamacare in its version of the continuing